What they say about us

Green MMPR Helmet and Shield

Incredible cratfsmanship and excellent communication on his part (the team can get busy so it's appreciated!) Very much enjoyed dealing with Aniki and I would definitely do future business


Bouken black cosplay without helmet!

I'm very happy about the quality (good sculpts and perfect paint job)! Unfortunatly delays to receive the stuff and communication are very bad (stuff arrived in 5months instead of 1month), but I can't be too rude with Aniki cosplay because we all know he accepts a lot of orders and work then I don't know how he can be faster if he's alone to work! But actually he's probably the best tokusatsu helmet maker!!!

Jimmy Dagba

MMPR/ZyuRanger Black/Mammoth helmet

Amazing and screen accurate helmet. The finish and paint is immaculate and shines like a new car. I will only deal with Aniki when it comes to sentai helmets and costumes.

Joseph kroon

MMPR Green Ranger Suite with dagger

"I find the merchandise top of the quality and you really get what you paid for. The suite looks superb and goes very well with the helmet you just ordered and boots really looks and fit you right giving you a feel like it the same as the original.

I know waiting and responses takes a while but we have to understand because of the number of commisions Aniki is doing and to add up this are all made upon order and making these things are not that easy. Might be frustrating at first for unanswered messages from him but hey once you get your item prepare to be blown away.

More power to you and your team an hope your work and services keeps on improving.

Alfredo Africa

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Ranger Complete Costume w/Dragon Dagger

"Everything fit very well and the helmet was top notch quality. There was some issues with the velcro on the gold arm bands, but that was easily fixable. The gold shield had a few very minor quality issues, probably caused in shipping. Once again, no big deal. The dagger was far above and beyond my expectations and very well sculpted.

Overall, despite some minor issues, I really felt I got what I paid for and am really looking forward to showcasing this costume at various events.

Thank you, Aniki Cosplay!"

Justin Muthersbaugh

"MMPR Full White Ranger Costume MMPR White Ranger Saba Sword"

Aniki's craftsmanship is the best I have ever seen and every new item he make is better each time than his last.... His attention to detail is the best you will find anywhere on the planet. My MMPR White Ranger costume and White Ranger Saba Sword I ordered are the best I have seen as a Complete suit. Yes his communications can be very slow to respond to messages but he will respond, this is probably due to low staff and his time is spent making new costumes and helmets all the time to keep his customers happy and not stuck behind a computer screen replying to messages all day. Yes he may not always have things completed by due date that he may have given you (As he is only human) but if this does happen to you he will compensate you for your troubles. If you do not mind waiting 6 months for you order to be completed (Full Suit) Aniki is the person you should use as his work is worth the wait and custom made to your measurements only. As the saying goes "Good things come to those who wait." Aniki Cosplay in my eyes is one of the BEST costume makes around when it comes to Power Rangers, Karmen Riders, Super Sentai etc. If you buy from Aniki you will not be disappointed with the finished result.

Darren SHIPP